Timeport 280 and Tungsten T3

I’m probably the only person with this combination, but to get it online:

0) Downloand suitable drivers from Palm.com
1) Turn on irDA connection on the phone
2) Open WebPro (this will correctly connect to network, opening other network using applications first will give you an error message)
3) WebPro doesn’t seem to work right away, but Avant Go does.

Results: using T-mobile GPRS as the cell phone network, you can get data at about 1KB per second, so http browsing is not practical. Next: testing WAP.

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Wish list

Nokia 6820.

It has blue tooth, a keyboard, high speed internet, subsidized by AT&T, what more could I want?

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VB6/Visual Studio Irritation #5673

When setting a property through a property page, sometimes the property doesn’t set unless you put the cursor focus on a 2nd property in the property page. Merely moving on to the next control doesn’t always set the property.

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