Walking with PowerShell

Now let us go back in time when dinosaurs wrote .BAT files and find out how they should have done it in PowerShell



get-content env:PATH



set-content env:FOO

MS Build Fortune Cookie Manual


PropertyGroup = Variable declarations
Task= Statement/Method Invocation
Import = Reference/Include/Using statement
Target = Code Bock/Subroutine

Control of Flow

Code runs once. So if a project has 10 dependencies that need to be compiled, and other projects depend on some subset of those, they won’t be rebuilt. I think this is what makes a build script different from an ordinary script, like a ps or bat file.

Targeting 1.1 with VS2005

Why would we want to? All truly difficult questions will at first immediately ellict dismissals and unhelpfully overly simple advice.

Why not just move to 2.0? Upgrading to 2.0 usually is effortless, unless: your organization has burdensome rules about doing anything, like upgrading to 2.0.