Stupid VB Control Tricks

  1. Visible connections They clutter up the field
  2. Invisible text boxes
    e.g. when you set the border to be invisible, they become invisible on the designer
  3. Zero width widgets
    The designer should give everything a minimum width even if the widget will be zero width in runtime.
  4. Default trash text
    Default names are ok. Default properties, like value = “text1″ is a pain
  5. Absolute positioning
    Who has time to bump around every single widget!
  6. Inconsistent property names
    This control returns values with .value, that one with .text
  7. Non extendable controls
    Give the using programmer’s a chance to fix the base controls defects. And give us at least 3 different ways to extend a control. (By adding new properties, overriding exiting behavior or properties, or making it easy to pass control through a subroutine each time before use for repair)
  8. GUI only edits

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