Graphics Cards

I’m researching graphics cards.

I can either start with my budget and pick a graphics card, but after awhile I decided if was to choose a budget, I’d choose zero. So that won’t work.

I noticed most games demos run on my machine already, albeit not at top resolution or with all the options checked. Plus, even when these options are checked, the game doesn’t change that much. In otherwords, the games are targeting the low end. They are not targeting the high end and degrading to deal with my machine’s spec’s.

I did hit two games that I am highly interested in that I can run on my box, Battlefield 2 and Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion. These games have some fantastic graphics. The former is multiplayer, an important consideration, and the latter is single player but has outstanding graphics.

I think I will pick my graphics card based on the above two games.

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