Dual Monitors and SLI Woes

Ok, listen to this. If you want to run dual monitors, you can’t use SLI mode, and worse to switch to dual monitors, you have to reboot.


The intresting post above seems to say that if you want SLI and dual monitor output without reboot and plug/unplug/plug/unplug misery, you have to get a third video card for the second monitor, interestingly enough, the configuration seems to work better when the 3rd card is not Nvidia!

To make matters worse, my water cooling device gets in the way of the plugs so not all 4 of them are exposed. And of course every time I change modes, Nvidia wants to make the least accessible plug the main monitor.

And if I plug a monitor into the digital slot, it doesn’t always detect it or is seemingly random about how it detects it.

Grumble, grumble.

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