Comic Book Creator

Comic book creator is a fantastic idea and after one day, I think it is 90% there.

You can use FRAPs to grab a bunch of screens, drop them into comic book panels, add speech balloons and create a comic at such an enormous speed that it boggles the mind. Doing the same with Paint and Word, or more professional tools like Gimp and desktop publishing would take days, plus a substantial learning curve.
The cost you pay for this power is dealing with a product with rough edges. I bought the CD version from Amazon because it cost less than direct download (go figure). The disk comes with an older version plus a CD key and no clear instructions on how to update to the version available online. The trick is to install the online version and use the CD key, as per advice in the CDC forum.

The installer is a bit broken. On two different machines it hangs 0% remaining. The expansion pack only installs to drive C and requires some hacking that I can do, but is inappropriate for the target user of kids and artists.

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