Vista Temptations

I’ve been tempted by Vista. But the feeling keeps passing.

It has parental control features, like, no gaming or favorite websites during homework hours. I think, this would be great for my sisters with gaming age children.  But then I realize that the UI has completely changed and half (really?) of existing XP software doesn’t work on Vista. I don’t want to be the family helpdesk for those calls just yet.

It will have Halo 3. Someday. It will have Xbox Live for PC’s. For some games. Someday. It has directX 10! Which will be used by games–someday.

Then I think, man, I’m going to be working on Vista someday, might as well get started.  Then I realize I’d need a new boot drive.  Or install it to a VPC.  And I start to think that all of that sounds like a lot of work.  Then with a dual boot set up, I know I won’t be in Vista very often unless there is a killer application.  I hate rebooting, so given my infrequent booting habits, dual boot, means few opportunities to pick the other operating system.

I haven’t even tried it and I’m planning on turning off UAC and the other CPU eating security measures.  I don’t want security if it is going to use 100 watts and some arbitrary, large percent of my CPU’s cycles.

One thought on “Vista Temptations

  1. Just about indentical to my opinion of, and intentions toward Vista. :)

    I do have Vista Business on a dual boot, but I haven’t touched it for a couple months. And I did indeed turn off the UAC after the first 2 confirmations that popped up in the first minute of use.
    One of the strongest pulls for me toward using Vista is the new Start Menu search. That is the best feature in the whole OS in my opinion.