Google Ad Words


You can really target you customers.  The geographic pinpointing is truely magic.

There isn’t much competition that can match the traffic bringing capabilities of Google, either as a search engine or advertiser


It’s very easy muck up an ad and bring yourself traffic you don’t want.  For example, if you are a house painter in Alexandria, you might easily for get how many Alexandria’s there are in the USA or world for that matter.  You don’t want people in Egypt showing up at your web site.

I almost never click on ads.  How many other people are there like me?

Many search I do return a paid ad, followed by free link from the search engine.  Why should you be paying for what the search engine is already doing for you for free?

Individual clicks can get expensive. Probably still cheaper than any other form of advertising, but still, all it takes is a couple of dumb clucks clicking on your ad by accident and your daily budget is gone.

Mixed: It cost me between $40-$80 a month for an ad campaign I ran for my sister’s business. The value of the ads is partly how much traffic you get and partly how well you deal with the traffic you do get. If you aren’t web site savy, you could easily end up wasting potential sales that google is sending you.

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