Website Navigation: Google is my user interface

My one page bounce rate for my websites is so high, for all practical purposes, google is my navigation system.   Bounce rate is the percent of people who show up and immediately leave.  A one page bounce rate is how many people show up, look at one page and leave.

If Google is my user interface, I should:

  • copy Googles’s look & feel
  • use the referrer to extract the search term and do something useful with it
  • spend more time on search engine optimization than optimizing the navigation tool bar or site map.

One thought on “Website Navigation: Google is my user interface

  1. You should probably also:Add teasers to other exciting, interesting or related content on your own site – e.g. YouTube’s related videosIgnore the desire to organize material linearly or structurally – users will use Google or something else to find material on your siteHave multi-part post pages where you cover important material over multiple postings – with links forward and back – to increase the need for in-site link following