Pervasive Data Integrator: Title pending…


I finally found Fernando Lambastida‘s blog.  I called him, he apparently is associated with Pervasive.  I told him who I was, a lowly techie in a big software consulting company that needs to evaluate/work with/play with some ETL bits.  I said that I saw the offer for a 14 day ‘free demo software‘ on his blog and he offered to help me work with Pervasive to get a trial key.  If your calls to Pervasive are channellings you through the sales sewer pipeline, instead try Fernando, he’s a good chap.

[Okay back to what had transpired before]
So I got a job interview coming up. They want a Pervasive ETL expert. Pervasive is a relatively uncommon ETL package in a fairly narrow vertical market: ETL. So I do what seems reasonable, I download the free evaluation trial. I install it, read the documentation. I almost grok it, so I try to open a designer. The designer asks me for a license key. Hmm. I check the email. Yup, it says I have to contact them to get a key. Website says so, too. Trial keys require a phone call to Pervasive. Okay. I’m a developer, I understand that companies need to defend their IP. So I call.

I call the company and eventually get transfered to a Chris, who said if I was interested in pitching my skills to a company who had a copy of Pervasive, I had to get a license key from that company or that company’s sales representative!!! This is very weird, he can’t possibly mean I need to illegally obtain a license key from an existing customer, does he? And Chris says under no circumstance can I be given a key.

So I call them back and ask not to be transfered to Chris and now I get a Howard. Howard likewise said no, no demo key.

So if anything, Pervasive‘s website is highly misleading about the availability of an evaluation version.

If you came to this post researching Pervasive, I recommend that you look into something else. There are too many choices available, from ad hoc, to RhinoETL, Jasper ETL, DTS, SSIS, Oracle DataIntegrator, Informatica–why settle for dicey customer service?

Data is the lifeblood of an organization. If the data fails to flow, you’re out a job and the company will be losing money.

Buying tools from companies that are actively hostile to developers is like loading a metaphorical gun and pointing it to your company’s head.

2 thoughts on “Pervasive Data Integrator: Title pending…

  1. I apologize for Pervasive. I am a consultant that works for Pervasive on Usability and SEM. I don’t think I have to tell you this is a severe problem and I assure you this problem will be addressed.

    I am guessing by now you have been contacted by numerous pervasive employees trying to relove the situation. If not you can call me or email me to let me know and I will approach the VP Mike Hoskins and get a license key directly from him.


  2. I am having the same problem as the gentleman above. The website says try our software for 14 days, you download/install, find you need a key, call, and they say “you cant have a key”….I dont get it and I really dont have time for this…