Installing Subversion, short edition

- Use the Collabnet installer. It will save you the steps of finding and installing the modules.

Create a folder, say
That will be the PARENT FOLDER. You create repositories in the parent folder. If you are a MS-SQL geek, then f:\svn_repositories means “Server” and f:\svn_repositories\mycode means “database”

Each repository has a Apache “Location”. Each “Location” can have a password file.

Be sure to create a repository first with anonymous access and test that. Add this to the location to allow for browsing:

SVNListParentPath on

Ok. Next thing I ran into was that Apache is like Java and can’t find $#!+

This failed:
AuthUserFile passwords.txt

This worked:
AuthUserFile “D:/folder/otherfolder/passwords.txt”

Now the brower test passed with authentication. Now I can switch to tortoise and set up my repositories.

Next challenge will be moving repositories working folders around.

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