Options for community websites

I was looking for a free, works-out-of-the-box community website I could use. In particuar I wanted to write a website aimed at locavores in near where I live. So optimally, some link exchanging (like digg or delicious), some classified ads (like craigslist), because the number one challenge for a locavore is finding local suppliers. Recipes also would be useful.

dotNetNuke: It was too hard to install. It is too complex to figure out by reading the code and the installer is too unreliable to finish. I decided not to invest further time into it.

dotNetKicks: Compiles and works, but, only installs on the root, not on virtual directories. This is a deal breaker for me as I use my hosted account to run several applications. Also, re-theming it looked challenging.

Kigg: Didn’t work. Period. I may keep at it just to learn about the MVC project type though.

Community Server/dasBlog: These are forum/blog engines. I can’t create enough content for a blog and the site needs to be able to scale down (work with few or no users). Forums scale don’t scale down at all. Without a crowd of people, a forum turns into a useless web ghost town.

Classifieds starter kit. I’m leaning towards using this.

Wiki…. working on this.. I’ll have to finish this post later

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One thought on “Options for community websites

  1. You know, DotNetNuke is a very powerful framework and therefore it is not easy to look at the code and grasp it quickly. But hard to install and use? If you can install WordPress you can certainly handle DNN. Lots of help available at the dotnetnuke.com forums, plenty of folks will help to get you up and running.

    Good point about CS/Das Blog etc, they seem a good idea but sites using them often look very empty. Good luck with your setup!