WHS: What I use it for

I’ve use it twice to expand a system partition, something that is very hard to do with ordinary re-partitioning tools. It is far easier to backup and restore to a larger system partition, IF you have windows home server.

WHS still doesn’t help you in setting up the boot menu and it won’t help you fiddle with the BIOS or warn you if your BIOS is incapable of dealing with a drive larger than 32GB.

I have set up music, but the music is a confused jumble of foreign language words, audio books and music. Same mess that I get from itunes and WMP. The PS3 can connect and so can ITunes, but so far I haven’t found a solution to the most compelling use case, which is to get music to my kitchen. You can’t stream music across to the kitchen if there isn’t a PC there there, huh?

I set up the photos and Flickr integration, although I’m not sure it will replace the Flickr uploader. It might.

Like any always on computer, my mind turns towards setting up bit-torrent and BOINC, so I can donate bandwidth and CPU cycles. Bit torrent was very hard to set up. I’m still looking for files worth sharing on bit torrent, I will probably settle on Mono ISOs if I can’t find anything else. I won’t be doing folding at home, because it is so much more efficient to do F@H on a PS3 and I already do that.

My Mac book is now a earthquake detection node! See: http://qcn.stanford.edu/sensor

The 1.5 TB got used up quick. As it turns out, I have 5 computers around my small apartment that need backup. Two of them are on the same machine (i.e. dual boots). It looks like I’ll need to buy a minimum of two more TB, fortunately, that can be as cheap as $140.

I’ve also set up a web cam on my WHS, but there are two issues. I can’t record and the WHS is sitting in my bedroom. Why would I want to record that? I’d rather record the a view of people walking in the front door. Or if the web cam would track, I’d record my cat walking around.

DVR- Digital Video Recording and DAR- Digital Audio Recording
I’ve read at least one person successfully installed Miro.
I wish I could install itunes on my WHS, I should try. I’d rather my podcasts were downloaded on an always on machine.

Still haven’t found a internet radio recorder that I like yet.

My windows server now lets me get remote desktop and wake on LAN for any PC in the apartment. I will soon put that to the test. AFAIK, WHS doesn’t provide any help with the BIOS configuration to make wake-on-LAN work.

I still need to find a cable to turn my WHS into a print server. However, if I did that, it wouldn’t do wake on LAN for the printer.

I should try to do some powershell scripting. I haven’t exercised the PowerShell part of my brain enough recently.

I’m thinking I should use my WHS as sort of a staging platform for my personal ASP.NET projects.

And it might make for a good subversion server.

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