WHS Accomplishments

I should have a badge page to show off what I’m currently using my WHS for.

- Recording radio on a schedule every night. (Doesn’t interfer with daytime bandwidth!)
- Serving up Eclipse by bit torrent (charitable bandwidth donation)
- Backup my workstations (of course, also works as system partition expander)
- Boinc (charitable CPU and electricity donation)

- Record my podcasts in off hours (hard, because of need to get the files to synch to itunes)
- Record video in off hours (maybe using Miro, but I watch so little TV, it’s not such a priority)
- Convert my movies to IPod in off hours
- Set up SVN (tricky!)
- Make WHS a usable global “My Music” folder. Challenge is that media libraries get polluted with un-sorted and non-music files.
- Set up 24 hour recording security cam (webcam)

- Set up TOR exit point (donate firewall avoidance software to iranians and/or online hooligans. Not trying to imply that they’re overlapping sets

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