Visual Studio for non-Visual Studio Languages

What can be done 

  • VS will let you color sytax if it thinks the file is a C++ file
  • You can use custom snippets for any language
  • You can use external tools to call the external compiler, etc.
  • You can use the VSS integration
  • Create file templates
  • Create project templates

What can’t be done (as far as I can tell)

  • Debug non VS languages
  • Intellisense

However, plug ins do exist that do the intellisense and debugging from the VS environment.

Someday I will have to review this product, since all of my personal websites are opensource applications written in PHP. Given I spend $100+ a year on the website, $100 for a development environment that makes PHP development less frustrating might be worth it.  I have very little time for writing code on my personal sites, so every second counts.

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