SQL Server & XML Forms

If you are in a hurry and can’t build heavyweight rich user interface forms, (like VB6.0 forms) then you can uses a combination of XSL, XHMTL, and update grams.

Tricky parts:

  1. Set up the virtual directories per BOL. Try :

    .../myVirtualDirectory?sql=SELECT * FROM myTable&root=sometagname

    If your leave out the root part, you won’t get a valid XML document back.

  2. To get the xml back transformed, you have to put it in a ‘updategram’ with the following in the root tag:


  3. You have to put call your update grams like this:
    If you don’t the browser ignores the META tag & treats the document as XML.

  4. The XML document you get back from a successful update is blank. If not, you get a processing instruction- which is hard to transform into a pretty XHTML document. This kind of match will show the error message, but not clean it up.

    <xsl:template match='processing-instruction()'>
    <xsl:value-of select="."/>

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