TSQL programming with MS-Access

Doesn’t corrupt
Can handle a lot of data (unless you are using MDBE)
Some DDL chores are easier in access than enterprise manager
Gives a MS-Access front end to SQL6.5
TSQL is a more expressive SQL dialect than JET SQL

Hard to use VBScript functions, VB functions can’t be called from inside a stored procedure.
Impossible to figure out how to change connection timeout
Impossible to figure out how to globally turn off the ‘rowcount 10000′ feature.
On account of the previous 2 problems I run almost all of my queries in Query Analyzer
Requires extra step to graphically update joined tables
Screws up the formatting of TSQL– default formatting isn’t very readable
Can’t graphically view common constructs like CASE/WHEN/THEN
Defaults to creating a table valued function instead of a stored procedure
Have to split data accross lots of tables if you are using MSDE
Heterogenous joins between local and linked tables have lousy performance (as compared to joining local tables to linked tables in an Access .mdb)
Linked tables have cumbersome names, like SERVER_DATABASE_DBO_TABLENAME, which is a pain when the “SERVER_DATABASE_DBO_” part never changes! Why couldn’t they have used a shorter alias?
Can’t see date/time a table or procedure was created (although the data can be seen in enterprise manager!)

To graphically update the join of 2 tables, create a view and then update the view.

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