SQL Express on Windows Home Server

SQL Express 2008 Hates WHS. So I have Windows Home Server. Finally, I think, I can run a publicly accessible Windows 2003 box with SQL from my bedroom and the licensing is all pretty legit. I try to install SQL2008 from the Web plantform installer. It barfs. I read this blog post and try again, without the platform installer. It appears to install, but then it fails to start. The error logs claim that the master DB is on an E: drive. I try to uninstall. The un-installer says the attributes on the folders are different, so it refuses to uninstall. Reported bug on MS connecte.

Ok, 1/2 GB of space on my WHS burned with no way of deleting it. I even tried zipping the folder and then deleting the program files\Microsoft SQL folder, but it says some file is in use. Sigh.

SQL 2005 Reporting Services Hates SSL certs on IIS 6 on WHS. So I try to install SQL Express. Reporting services barfs on install (“SQL Server Setup failed to retrieve the SSL Certificate Name”) because it doesn’t like the perfectly valid SSL certificate. The web says rip out your SSL certificate and SSRS will install. Right, like I’d want to rip out my left eyeball. WHS doesn’t have a louse selfssl cert, it has a green ssl cert from homeserver.com. Green! Do you know how much it costs to get a green certificate? So I try again without RS. This time, the SqlNativeClient fails. It says it can’t find an MSI, sqlncli.msi. (follow link for the real fix, which is to uninstall the snc from previous attempts) And the install fails. I suspect it is because the installer automatically unpacks to the D:\guid folder. But the D: drive is some super weird NTFS configuration that most programs don’t know how to read or write to, unless they use the UNC or shared folders.

I finally succeeded before I had to try MSDB or MySQL. Next time, I’m going to seriously consider MySQL probably with XAMPP because XAMPP hasn’t sold their soul to the registry, the team that uses MSI installers and other evil things.